Snowball fight in high summer

Eight young snow researchers from the Davos, Flims and Trin region visited the SLF as part of the holiday pass. They spent an afternoon experimenting with snow in the cold laboratory and outdoors. A picture gallery

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Kein Schneekristall ist wie der andere! Im Kältelabor bei -20 Grad Celsius betrachteten die jungen Besucherinnen und Besucher Schneekristalle mit der Lupe … (Foto: Sara Niedermann / SLF)
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... and under the microscope. SLF scientist Kavitha Sundu explains to the children how to determine the shape and size of snow grains. (Photo: Sara Niedermann / SLF)
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Who makes the hardest snowball? (Photo: Sara Niedermann / SLF)
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With the help of a "snowball press", the young researchers measure the force required to crush their snowball. (Photo: Sara Niedermann / SLF)
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The SLF produces snow in the cold laboratory with the snow machine. This makes snow research possible in summer, ... (Photo: Sara Niedermann / SLF)
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... but also a snowball fight at the end of the excursion. (Photo: Sara Niedermann / SLF)



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