About the SLF

SLF is a world-renowned research institute in its field. It conducts solution-oriented research on natural hazards, mountain ecosystems, and snow and ice in a changing world and offers various services, for example the avalanche bulletin.

Based on many years of experience and expertise in mountain and natural hazards research, the SLF experts contribute to the development priorities of the entire WSL. According to the "WSL Strategy 2035", these are:

  • Consequences of global change: mitigation and adaptation
  • Sustainable urbanization for liveable cities
  • Environmental governance
  • Multifunctional landscapes and ecosystems

The interdisciplinary focus areas are geared towards socially relevant and scientifically promising issues. With them, WSL and thus also SLF make a substantial contribution to overcoming global challenges.

Research for people and the environment in a changing world

  • The SLF monitors and researches natural hazards, snow, permafrost, and mountain ecosystems, how they change and what this means for society.
  • The SLF develops concepts, strategies, and concrete measures for protecting the population against natural hazards and for dealing with risks.
  • The SLF develops sustainable solutions for socially relevant problems - together with its partners from science and society.

The SLF is part of the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL and thus belongs to the ETH Domain and is committed to excellence in research and implementation.