Instrumented field sites and laboratories

Experiments are at the heart of SLF's research. However, these experiments are only possible using well-equipped outdoor field sites and laboratories.

The Swiss Alps are our natural research laboratory. The field sites in the different regions allow us to analyse natural phenomena in the field – for example in our avalanche test site in Vallée de la Sionne.

We have already been conducting research and taking measurements at some of these sites for decades – for example at our Weissfluhjoch test site. Only with these long-term data series are we able to show how our environment is changing on a long-term basis.

In addition to the outdoor field sites, we have various cold and climatic chambers and technical laboratories at our disposal at our headquarters in Davos. Here, we conduct experiments under controlled conditions and analyse snow (including in summer). We have been able to perform cutting-edge research that benefits society for years, not least thanks to this wide range of field sites and laboratories.