Avalanche bulletin and snow situation

Up-to-date information on the avalanche and snow situation is available on White Risk.

Have you observed alarm signs or an avalanche?

Your observations can improve the quality of the avalanche bulletin. We are very grateful for any reports and photos received.

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More information about observations

Please report your observations of avalanches or alarm signs, or your estimation of the avalanche danger, or simply send us a picture illustrating the current situation. Your report from the field will be considered along with all the other information when we assess the avalanche danger. It is impossible, however, to reflect the exact content of each individual report in the avalanche bulletin.

The best way to file a report is by completing the interactive form on this page. If your report is to be used in the 5 pm avalanche bulletin, it should be submitted before 2:30 pm if possible. Reports received later will normally be given consideration in the next assessment.

Other reporting options:

Note on avalanche bulletins in summer and autumn

In the summer and autumn, avalanche bulletins are published only in the event of heavy snowfall. Even if the SLF does not publish an avalanche bulletin, due consideration is to be given to the avalanche situation especially if snow has fallen recently.

Keep informed about the publication of unannounced Avalanche Bulletins. Activate in the App WhiteRisk the "Push Summer Bulletin". The regular publication of avalanche bulletin recommences in November/December.

Hintergrundinformationen zum Lawinenbulletin