The SLF on social media

The SLF publishes articles about its research priorities, projects and products on the following social media platforms:

In addition, the avalanche warning team is present on the channels below under «White Risk SLF». There it publishes the latest news on avalanche bulletins and avalanche danger as well as interesting facts about the avalanche prevention portal White Risk and much more.

Notes on the SLF's social media activities

The SLF supports constructive dialogue and welcomes contributions and comments from the community. We endeavour to provide expert answers to questions within a reasonable period of time and to respond adequately to comments.

We expressly do not tolerate the following:

  • Discrimination of any kind (e.g. on the basis of nationality, skin colour, sexual orientation, religion, age, gender or political views).
  • Pornographic, sexist, offensive, obscene, threatening or violent content.
  • Personal attacks on authors or other users
  • Generalisations, insinuations or assertions that cannot be verified (without scientifically recognised sources)
  • Misleading statements
  • Statements without direct reference to the respective topic
  • Publication of personal data of third parties or oneself
  • Illegal content
  • Content that violates the rights of third parties (including their copyrights and/or personal rights)
  • Commercial content of any kind (spam, advertising)

Comments and posts that violate these rules will be deleted and, if necessary, the corresponding users will be reported to the respective social media platform. We reserve the right to file charges in the case of content that is relevant under criminal law.
Note: The avalanche danger is assessed exclusively via the avalanche bulletin and the White Risk portal.