Avalanche warning

The avalanche warning team is responsible for issuing the avalanche bulletin and other products relating to the snow and avalanche situation. Their other duties include

  • Operating and maintaining the network of SLF observers
  • Hosting the SLF training courses on snow and avalanches for members of the avalanche safety authorities and SLF observers
  • Basic and advanced training for experts and multipliers
  • Recording the snow and avalanche situation, as well as avalanche accidents, in winter and accident reports
  • Collaborating in national and international organisations, including KAT, ICAR and EAWS
  • Collaborating in the national consortium of natural hazard warning agencies (MeteoSwiss, FOEN, WSL/SLF, SED) and with other partners and clients
  • Managing projects to refine products and services
  • Contributing to research projects


During the winter the 8 avalanche forecasters are assisted by two interns seeking work or post-graduate experience. Candidates are invited to apply for these posts in the spring.