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Avalanche Warning

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The avalanche warning team is responsible for issuing the avalanche bulletin and other products relating to the snow and avalanche situation. Their other duties include

  • Operating and maintaining the network of SLF observers
  • Hosting the SLF training courses on snow and avalanches for members of the avalanche safety authorities and SLF observers
  • Basic and advanced training for experts and multipliers
  • Recording the snow and avalanche situation, as well as avalanche accidents, in winter and accident reports
  • Collaborating in national and international organisations, including KAT, ICAR and EAWS
  • Collaborating in the national consortium of natural hazard warning agencies (MeteoSwiss, FOEN, WSL/SLF, SED) and with other partners and clients
  • Managing projects to refine products and services
  • Contributing to research projects


During the winter the 8 avalanche forecasters are assisted by two interns seeking work or post-graduate experience. Candidates are invited to apply for these posts in the spring.



Working Group of the European Avalanche Warning Services

The Working Group of the European Avalanche Warning Services EAWS develops common standards for the avalanche warning services in Europe.

Avalanche mapping in Davos

Every avalanche observed in Davos since the winter of 1949/50 has been recorded and mapped. This data set is very valuable.

Avalanche bulletin surveys

Is the avalanche bulletin comprehensible? Does it reach all the groups of people that venture into avalanche prone terrain?


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