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14.02.2023  |  Jochen Bettzieche  |  News SLF


From 6 to 10 February, 54 avalanche experts from abroad, from Nepal to Andorra and from Greenland to Italy, deepened their knowledge at the SLF workshop Practice meets Science in Davos. In this way, the research results and scientific approaches of the SLF flow directly into international practice, for example for avalanche forecasters, specialists in avalanche protection and in risk management. A photo gallery with impressions of the first days, of lectures and practical exercises in small groups in the field.

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7 February, below the Pischagrat near Davos: Stephan Harvey, expert in avalanche formation and avalanche prevention at the SLF, explains how he chooses the right spot for a snow profile. (Photo: Jochen Bettzieche / SLF)
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Participants log the layers of the snowpack. (Photo: Jochen Bettzieche / SLF)
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Together the course participants shovel a wall for the snow profile ... (Photo: Jochen Bettzieche / SLF)
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... until they hit bottom. (Photo: Jochen Bettzieche / SLF)
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Then the team starts analysing the snow profile, finding weak layers and assessing the avalanche situation. (Photo: Jochen Bettzieche / SLF)
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The precise analysis of the snow crystals with the help of a magnifying glass and grid also helps. (Photo: Jochen Bettzieche / SLF)
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Stephan Harvey explains each step in detail to his group. (Photo: Jochen Bettzieche / SLF)
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Precision work is required on this thin wall, where the different layers of snow become visible in the sunlight. (Photo: Jochen Bettzieche / SLF)
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The highlight comes at the end: the slide block. Harvey gradually increases the load on the snowpack and finally jumps on it, causing the weak layer to give way. In an emergency, this is exactly what triggers an avalanche. (Photo: Jochen Bettzieche / SLF)
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SLF avalanche expert Alec van Herwijnen introduced the topic on Monday and explained the conditions under which such weak layers form in the snow. (Photo: Jochen Bettzieche / SLF )
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Avalanche experts from numerous countries followed the lectures and took part in discussions. (Photo: Jochen Bettzieche / SLF)
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Teamwork is required to assess given layers in the snowpack and determine the avalanche danger, both on paper ... (Photo: Jochen Bettzieche / SLF)
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... as well as online. (Photo: Jochen Bettzieche / SLF)