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Researchers on the MOSAiC expedition are grappling with a number of challenges, including damage caused by a storm. But the work goes on.


An evaluation of satellite images shows that more than 18,000 avalanches occurred during heavy snowfall in January 2018.


Today, the Federal Council re-elected WSL Director Konrad Steffen until the end of June 2021.


How well does forest protect against landslides? A special issue of the Swiss Forestry Journal and the WSL landslide database provide answers.


The WSL measuring station in Davos is now an officially certified site in the ICOS Switzerland network.


For effective protection against natural hazards, practice and research must work together. The new DIAGONAL reports on opportunities and pitfalls.


SLF researcher David Wagner reports on how the MOSAiC expedition team have found a suitable ice floe for their stay in the Arctic Ocean.


Glaciologists from ETH and WSL have estimated the global potential for water storage and hydropower in future ice-free glacier areas.


Exchange experiences and solve problems together: The new issue of WSL's magazine Diagonal focuses on research and practice in dialogue.


How do you get 150 kg of measuring equipment up to a high altitude test site? Geophysicist Jacopo Boaga tells you about it in his blog post.


Help shape the future of biodiversity - at the World Biodiversity Forum in Davos in February 2020. Submit abstracts now and register!


SLF researcher Yves Bühler is fascinated by New Zealand's natural environment – especially its spectacular avalanches. Read more in the blog.


WSL researchers are reporting an ongoing decrease of habitat quality in species-rich dry grasslands, despite them being protected.


SLF researchers are conducting field trials with an industrial partner to optimise the effectiveness of rockfall nets.


Davos Klosters Bergbahnen Ltd is buying the SLF's former main building on the Weissfluhjoch. The SLF has been based in Davos Dorf since 1996.


In recognition of his many research and teaching achievements, Jürg Schweizer has been made an Adjunct Professor at ETH Zurich.


WSL ecophysiologist Charlotte Grossiord investigates how global change impacts terrestrial ecosystems. Now she has been appointed professor at EPFL and WSL.


In his blog post, SLF botanist Christian Rixen explains how he reached the Samoylov research station despite his luggage being lost.


The research icebreaker Polarstern will spend a year drifting through the Arctic Ocean. The expedition team includes Swiss researchers.


When alpine plants with climate change colonise higher altitudes, the soil is a crucial factor. Little is yet known about them. This is to be changed.