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Most of the damage resulted from floods triggered by thunderstorms or persistent rain, with the Lucerne region and Ticino being particularly affected.


Nature against stress, medicine from the cold and the forest facing new challenges: The new issue of DIAGONAL is all about health.



Researchers at WSL, SLF, ETH and the University of Zurich collaborated on the analysis of the devastating flood wave in the Indian Himalayas.


The Swiss Federal Council has appointed Professor Beate Jessel as the new Director of WSL. She will take up her post on 1 September 2021.


A recent study has found that younger spruce forests are more susceptible to natural disturbances than those that already existed before 1880.


A new study of Scientists at EPFL and SLF shows how renewable energy can ensure optimal CO2 neutrality and energy independence.


Snowmelt in forests is difficult to calculate, but thanks to innovative measuring systems and modelling, this can now be done more effectively.


WSL's first hiking guide allows users to discover Valais on foot while learning about research into forests, climate history and avalanches.


Researchers have reconstructed the recent mass balance of glaciers in High Mountain Asia. Only 60 % of the annual melt was replenished by snow.


A review study shows: Many species cannot keep up with increasing warming, although they move to higher altitudes.


The description of the danger levels leaves room for interpretation for avalanche forecasters. A data-based approach helps to provide more clarity.


Researchers are testing a new method of measuring snow properties, using sensors for navigation satellite systems.


The scenarios provide hourly climate values for almost 200 stations in Switzerland up to the year 2100.


On Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube you can regularly find out about our research on snow, avalanches, natural hazards and the environment.


Placing white tarpaulins over glaciers temporarily reduces ice melt, but because of the costs this is only viable for small areas.



In a difficult year, WSL launched major interdisciplinary initiatives with partner organizations and published more than ever.


"Forest Functioning under Air Pollution and Climate Change", August 2021 in Davos: enrollment open for PhD, Postdocs and MSc in their last year.


Evaluation of measured data collected throughout the Alps reveals regional disparities in decline of snow cover.


In memory of the late WSL Director Koni Steffen, a symposium on cryosphere and climate will be held from 21-22 October 2021. Register now.


How will climate change affect the water situation in Switzerland? This question was the focus of the research programme Hydro-CH2018.