Accident reports and publications

In the accident reports and in publications, the information on avalanche accidents is prepared and evaluated in detail. This comprehensive information is an important basis for avalanche training, warning and rescue.

Avalanche accident reports

The accident reports, which form the second part of the winter reports (available only in German and French), contain a summary of selected avalanche accidents with a brief description of the event and rescue measures, information on the weather and avalanche situation at the time, and the legal consequences. In view of the elaborate data appraisal operations, the accident descriptions can be published up to one or two years after the winter concerned. These reports, however, are only available in German.

A small selection of examples of these accident reports (translated into English) can be found here.


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  • Snow avalanche deaths in Switzerland from 1995 to 2014—Results of a nation-wide linkage study (PDF, 2019)
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