Frequently asked questions and background information

Avalanche situation and outlook

What is the current avalanche danger level?

  • Avalanche bulletin: Current avalanche danger and forecast for the next day
  • Explanation of avalanche danger levels: Implications and recommendations for transportation routes and settlements, and advice and recommendations for those engaging in backcountry and other off-piste activities

How long is the situation expected to last? When is the situation likely to ease?

How many avalanches have been released?

Have any destructive avalanches occurred?

How many avalanche victims have there been to date this winter/during the current exceptional avalanche situation?

When and where is the latest information published on the situation?

Can I embark on a backcountry trip in the xy region?

You can also find all the news and key information on the current situation here.

Avalanche reporting

I have witnessed an avalanche. Where can I report it?

  • Reporting avalanches online

Traffic reports

Is the road/access route/railway line open?


Can I visit for a holiday/travel to a particular destination despite the critical avalanche situation?


Information centres/police/cantonal agencies

Where can I obtain first-hand information on the avalanche and snow situation in my district or canton?

Recommended response to avalanche disasters

What action should I take if an avalanche has deposited snow in a settlement or on a road, or buried people or vehicles?

Avalanche rescue


Additional background information on avalanches