Avalanche core training team (KAT)

The Snow Sport Avalanche Accident Prevention core training team consists of members of associations and organisations in the field of snow sports, as well as the SLF.

Tasks of the KAT

The KAT creates and revises learning and teaching materials for avalanche accident prevention. In so doing, it aims to promote a uniform approach to avalanche training across Switzerland. The KAT also ensures that there are enough professional, qualified and recognised instructors available for avalanche training for mountain sports associations and institutions.


  • White Risk – the interactive portal for avalanche prevention in four languages (de/fr/it/en


The following associations are partners in the Snow Sport Avalanche Accident Prevention core training team:

  • Alpine Rettung Schweiz (ARS)
  • Swiss Council for Accident Prevention (BFU)
  • Federal Office of Sport (FOSPO)
  • Swiss Armed Forces (Mountain Centre of Competence)
  • Valais Cantonal Rescue Organisation (OCVS/KWRO)
  • Naturfreunde Schweiz (NFS)
  • Swiss Alpine Club (SAC)
  • Seilbahnen Schweiz (SBS)
  • Swiss Mountain Guides Association (SBV)
  • Swiss Snowsports Association for Professionals and Schools (SSBS)
  • Suva (Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund)
  • Swiss Snowsports (SSSA)
  • Swiss Ski Association
  • WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research (SLF)