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Information about new snow

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The new snow maps are published daily at around 8.30 am CET from 1 November until 30 April. They show actual measured as well as model-generated values of the SLF and MeteoSwiss collected between around 7 and 8 am. The measured values are obtained manually. The model values are produced by the snowpack model SNOWPACK on the basis of automatic measurements. Data that are sent with a delay are continuously integrated in the maps. 


The grid in the background is produced by interpolation of the measured values based on distance and altitude. In regions where all available measured values are at a similar altitude (Jura, Swiss plateau, Sotto Ceneri), the interpolation based on altitude is only possible to a very limited extent. This can lead to incorrect values being extrapolated to other altitudes.
In addition, small-scale discrepancies between points denoting measured values and the grid can occur. 


New snow maps with three different time spans are available: fresh snow 1 day, fresh snow 3 days and fresh snow 7 days. The maps “fresh snow 3 days” and “fresh snow 7 days” are produced from the sum of the 1-day fresh snow depths. The measured values in the maps spanning several days are displayed and included in the interpolation only if all the 1-day fresh snow depths are available for the relevant time span. 


The measured and model values are not verified. Some displayed values may be inaccurate.  

A time chart for the measured and model values can be accessed from the measured data map.