Providing information

As a publicly funded research institute, the SLF has an obligation to provide information about its research findings. We share our knowledge with scientists, practitioners, authorities, the media, the government and the general public through various channels. Our most important public service is the avalanche bulletin.

The avalanche bulletin provides information to snow sport enthusiasts, security services and mountain railway operators on the current snow and avalanche situations in the Swiss Alps twice a day.

The number and quality of publications in journals is one measure of the success of a scientist's research, and a major driving factor for their career. Our researchers publish around 1,000 scientific articles in renowned science journals every year and attend conferences all over the world.

The SLF's research is strongly geared towards practical implementation. Linking science and practice is part of our core mission and is our key strength. Whether for natural hazards, protection forest management or building in the permafrost, we develop solutions for specific problems and convey them to users in the form of pamphlets, reports and courses.

Open and honest communication

Our dialogue with the public is based on active, open and honest communication. The public can and should know what research they are funding through their taxes and how it benefits society. The same applies to the government and the media, given that they serve as key intermediaries between the public and the SLF.

To this end, we rely on traditional information channels, such as press releases and our research magazine DIAGONAL, as well as the Internet and social media. People interested in our work can also attend our public events and guided tours or visit our interactive exhibition.

Services and products