ProTools is a map-based information system for avalanche professionals combining multiple tools in a single web application. It is mainly aimed at authorities responsible for the safety of transport routes and ski resorts as well as all professionals involved in artificial avalanche protection or those wishing to record avalanche observations.

Avalanche observations

Both avalanche researchers and the avalanche warning service depend on the work carried out by numerous avalanche observers distributed throughout Switzerland. ProTools enables safety authorities to record their avalanche observations efficiently and to link their inputs to geographical data. From the perspective of the avalanche warning service, ProTools provides functions that facilitate the processing of captured data.

Explosive-device inventory and recording blasting operations

ProTools allows avalanche blasting activities to be recorded directly on a map and logged for administration purposes. Ski resorts and authorities responsible for the safety of transportation routes and communities can predetermine their blasting sites and plot them on a map. This function contributes to the quick and efficient recording of blasting operations, even across relatively large areas. ProTools also assists in identifying and tracing the actual explosives used. By way of the application, explosive devices can be committed to, and retrieved from, the relevant storage facilities. This allows the inventory to be checked at any time. The inventory data can be exported in Excel or CSV files.


ProNXD is a module that supports safety authorities in their avalanche danger assessment work. The forecast is generated in accordance with the "nearest neighbour" principle. The application scans a database containing snow and weather data for days on which the conditions were as similar as possible. On which days was the snow which fell of the same quantity? When did winds transport similar amounts of snow? When were comparable temperatures recorded? The model compiles a list of the relevant days and provides a record of the actual historical avalanche scenario that prevailed at the time. Where did avalanches occur? Where were explosives launched, and where did they actually trigger avalanches? This information helps the safety authorities to assess the current avalanche danger more accurately and, if necessary, to take the appropriate measures.

ProNXD depends on updates: Only if the snow, weather and avalanche data are entered regularly can NXD search for days with similar values. If there are gaps in the data series, the algorithm struggles to find any near-neighbour days. Conscientious data input is rewarded with better results.

Recording destructive avalanches

To allow conclusions to be drawn from damage and injuries caused by avalanches, the avalanche warning service records all known adverse accidents (loss events). ProTools simplifies the entry of such events and allows them to be linked to geographical data.

  • Destructive avalanche database

How do I obtain ProTools?

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