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Matthias Jaggi



collaboratore tecnico


Istituto Neve e Valanghe
Flüelastrasse 11
7260 Davos Dorf


Davos Da B 1 19


Main Interests

As an engineer I develop technical solutions and design experiments for measuring snow and ice. I am the head of the SLF cold laboratories where I develop instruments (e.g. SnowMicroPen), maintain control systems (LabVIEW) or support experiments. And supported by my long experience in harsh mountainous terrain, I regularly plan, consult and conduct snow physics field campaigns in polar regions.

Developed and Maintained Instruments

  • SnowMicroPen
  • X-ray tomography scanners
  • Instrumented X-ray sample holders (micro-compression stage, snow metamorphism stage)
  • Snow maker
  • Friction tester
  • Polarized light microscopy stage
  • Microscopes
  • Wind tunnel

Field Campaigns


Arctic expedition, MOSAiC, Polarstern, (led by AWI)

2016-2020Field Campaign, ESA-SnowLab, Davos, (led by Gamma RS)
2018Antarctica expedition, Dome C, (led by IPEV)
2017Greenland expedition, (led by GEUS)
2014Co-organizer "Intercomparison Snow Grain Size Measurement Workshop", Davos, (led by SLF)
2010Commissioning of the Friction Tester at Bridgestone Corporation, Tokyo, Japan
2009Field campaign ESA-NoSREx, Sodankylä, Finland, (led by FMI)
2008Field campaign Winter Tire Tests, Ulrichen, (led by ADAC)


2021-...WSL Radiation protection commissioner
2010-...SLF Chemical safety commissioner
2010-2012WSL Staff committee member


2004-2007Mechanical Engineer FHNW with specialization in energy engineering, University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Windisch
1999-2003Apprenticeship as physical laboratory assistant, Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), Villigen

Advanced Training

2022Certificate in Advanced English (CAE, C1)
2021SUVA course: Radiation protection expert for the use of systems with full and partial protection equipment
2014Course: Modern motion mechanics and direct drive technology, Parkem MotionControl, Baden-Dättwil
2012Russian language course (A1)
2011Course: Safety when handling hazardous chemicals, SGU, ETH Zurich
2010Certified LabVIEW Developer, National Instruments, Ennetbaden
2010Course: Customs, practical exercises in drawing up complete shipping and customs documents, School for International Business, Zurich
2009Media training, Elkman Communications GmbH, Ellinor v. Kauffungen, Davos
2008Advanced training for computer tomograph operation, Scanco Medical, Brüttisellen