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Dr. Matthias Haeni


Data Scientist / System Engineer


Istituto federale di Ricerca per la Foresta, la neve e il Paesaggio (WSL)
Zürcherstrasse 111
8903 Birmensdorf


Birmensdorf Bi HL D 29


At the WSL since 2014:
Data scientist / system engineer (project lead for meteorology/climate observations in the long-term forest ecosystem research programme LWF; support member for various other projects such as for TreeNet, ICOS, GCOS and other projects).


- Project management and system engineering for LWF meteorology
- Design and employment of meteorological instruments, sensors, and stations
- Automation of measurement systems (loggers, embedded systems, cameras)
- Design of solar power and battery systems for remote stations
- Maintenance/development of over 40 stations throughout Switzerland
- Processing of data with R and python on linux servers on-premise and at AWS and Azure
- DB management (relational, NoSQL), visualizations with js (amcharts, highcharts, Shiny)
- Big data processing (incl. machine learning) with Lambda, Spark, Hadoop, and Singularity

WSL contact for/member of:
LWF Meteorology, Agrar- und Forstmeteorologen (no homepage), GCOS, ICOS, TreeNet, Swiss Society for Meteorology (SSM/SGM)