SLF data service

The WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF shares data collected and produced in the context of avalanche warning with third parties and therewith takes a big step in direction of Open Data. This page provides an overview of the data licence, data scope, acquisition channels and terms of use.


The following data types can be obtained:

  • Measured values of the manual measurement sites, historical (1) and live data (2)
  • Measured values of the IMIS stations (automatic stations), historical (1) and live data (2)
  • Selected model values (Snowpack) of IMIS stations, historical (1) and live data (2)
  • Extreme value statistics (Gumbel plots) to be used with Swiss standard SIA 261 (3)
  • Avalanche accident data (4)


The data is subject to the licence CC BY 4.0.

Source reference

When displaying, processing or otherwise using the data, there must be a clearly visible reference to the data source (WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF), in the case of digital products as link ( If the data are used for scientific publications, the corresponding DOI must be referenced (see chapter "Data retrieval and data-specific terms of use").


The SLF defines the format and content of the service interfaces. These are designed for the retrieval of data by the customers and are not dimensioned to directly serve the requests of the customers' information systems. It is not permitted to use electronically provided services of the SLF in a form that could impair, overload or damage the infrastructure of the SLF.


The data that can be obtained through the channels mentioned on this page are free of charge.

In general, the SLF does not provide support for obtaining other data. For special requests, the workload is invoiced according to the full cost rate of the ETH Domain, rate C (as of 2023: 162 CHF/h excl. VAT). Data costs may also be charged for certain data. Requests can be sent to data(at)

In certain cases, the charging of expenses may be waived for partners or within the framework of joint projects or research work with the participation of the SLF. Requests in this regard are examined individually and, if necessary, conditions and intended use are agreed in writing.

Liability and availability of data

The SLF takes great care to provide the data as reliably as possible, but accepts no liability for any errors, delays or failures in delivery. Interruptions in data delivery will be rectified as quickly as possible; however, the SLF does not provide a stand-by service.

Some of the data are raw data which are not regularly corrected or checked.

By obtaining the data, the client accepts the terms of use on this page.


For questions regarding data or data delivery, the customer can contact data(at)


The regulations on this page replace all previous regulations on the transmission and use of data of the to third parties.

Data retrieval and data-specific terms of use

The data-specific terms of use apply in addition to the general terms of use on this page. 

(2) Live measurement and model data:

  • Data can be obtained via the API
  • If data from the IMIS stations are used for scientific publications, the following DOI must be referenced:
  • If data from the manual measurement fields are used for scientific publications, the following DOI must be referenced:
  • In order to be informed of changes, foreseeable interruptions, delivery adjustments as well as changed terms of use, a registration via data(at) is recommended. It is the customer's responsibility to keep these contact details up to date and to report any changes.