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Destructive avalanches and avalanche accidents

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We keep a database containing detailed records of avalanche events, including full details of all fatal accidents since 1936/37. This data set is not only an important basis for avalanche hazard maps. It also allows us to analyse long-term trends and thereby assess the effectiveness of prevention measures.



Avalanche accidents in current year

Here you will find a table containing an overview of the fatal avalanche accidents that have occurred during the current hydrological year to date.

All reported avalanche accidents in current year

Overview of all accidents known to SLF during the current year.

Avalanche accidents during the last 20 years

Here you will find an overview about the fatal avalanche accidents in the last 20 year.

Long-term statistics

The SLF has been collecting comprehensive data on all the avalanche accidents that have occurred in Switzerland since the winter of 1936/37.

Accident reports and publications

The accident reports and selected publications give you more detailed insights to avalanche accidents.

Accident data

Data on avalanche accidents can be obtained here.

Analysing avalanche events

We record and analyse avalanche disasters in order to draw lessons from such extreme events and deal with them more effectively in future.