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Magazine No 1- 2021

Long wings, small bodies: Land use determines insect characteristics

How people manage the land determines not only which species can occur in a habitat, but also their characteristics.

The mires in Rothenthurm are becoming drier

Despite conservation efforts, many Swiss mires are developing in an undesirable way.


Plastic waste in the soil alters the communities of bacteria and fungi

Plastic accumulates not only in oceans and rivers, but also in the soil. Little is known about how this affects soil organisms, especially those in...

High insect diversity in Zurich thanks to a mosaic of habitats

A team led by the WSL biologists Marco Moretti and David Frey wanted to find out how these living  conditions affect the species composition of...


Magazine No 2 - 2020

Competition from below

For the mountain hare, the air at higher altitudes is becoming thin