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WSL’s detectives at work

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Current edition: No. 1/22: With shovel and lab coat: WSL’s detectives at work

The diagonal was created in this edition as PDF with interactive links for navigation.


Articles in the focus "WSL’s detectives at work"

Where researchers sort atoms


In WSL’s isotope laboratory, researchers become detectives: they can trace invisible food webs or reconstruct the path water takes...

Tracking pollutants and environmental toxins.


To protect people and the environment, WSL researchers monitor and quantify the pollutants they detect in the forest and other ecosystems...

When a machine learns to predict avalanche danger


A computer can now – after ‘training’ with an SLF researcher – assess the regional avalanche danger in many situations almost...

Detecting hidden ice


For 25 years, researchers at the WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF have been studying the substrates high up in the...

“Environmental DNA has huge potential.”


Need to identify lots of fungi quickly or find unknown species? With environmental DNA you can. The mycologist Andrin Gross and the...