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Twice a year (every June and November) our free magazine, DIAGONAL, reports in English, French and German on WSL's latest research findings and on its work. Besides providing specific information on our given topics forest, landscape, biodiversity, natural hazards and snow and ice, each edition of the magazine focuses on a specific core research topic.


Current edition Nr. 1/19: Biodiversity: Living varieties under pressure


Editors' survey on Diagonal

In the 1/18 issue of Diagonal, we asked how you use our magazine and what we could do better. We were particularly interested in finding out whether our readers like the print form or would prefer an electronic version of Diagonal. The result was clearly in favour of the print version. The complete results of the survey can be found here:



Why biodiversity concerns us all

Humans depend on natural diversity. WSL researchers are investigating how it can be protected.

Out and about in the lichen forest

WSL employees are currently combing Swiss forests in search of lichens.

The Alcon blue

Conditions must be just right for the butterfly to fly.

Leaf eater at work

Who plays what role? How much biodiversity does it take for an ecosystem to function? WSL researchers are reconstructing nature in the laboratory.

Habitat map of Switzerland

Switzerland is home to many different habitat types. A digital map, produced at WSL in a pilot project, provides an overview.

Act before it is too late

Silva Semadeni, a member of the Swiss National Council, and biologist Niklaus Zimmermann: we know enough to act now!


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