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Prof. Dr. Charlotte Grossiord



Groupleader, Head of Lausanne location


Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL
Case postale 96
1015 Lausanne 15


Lausanne La GR B2 407


Research interests

How does global warming affect plants - and thus the important functions and services provided for humans by ecosystems? As a physiological ecologist, I have been investigating this question throughout my scientific career.

In my doctorate at Lorraine University and at INRAE Grand Est-Colmar, in France, I explored how tree species diversity affects the water and carbon balance of trees. In particular, I focused on the resistance of plants to extreme events. In my postdoc at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in the USA, I then investigated how forests adapt to the exacerbation of droughts with higher temperature.

I have been conducting research at WSL since 2018, supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation's "Ambizione" funding program. My focus is on how trees react to a warmer and drier climate, and how the combination of different species could buffer its negative impacts.

I was appointed tenure-track Assistant Professor at EPFL and WSL in September 2019. I am head of research group Functional Plant Ecology, and from March 1st 2020 on I will lead the WSL site in Lausanne, identified as PERL lab at EPFL.