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No avalanche bulletin is published currently. Nevertheless, you should still stay up to date with the avalanche situation in the mountains, especially if there is fresh snow.

However, the SLF will, by way of exception, also issue avalanche bulletins in the summer in case of heavy snowfall. There are different ways you can be notified when these bulletins based on the snow situation are published:

  • by push alert on SLF's free White Risk mobile app: appearing in four languages (English, German, French and Italian), this can be downloaded from iTunes App Store (for iPhones) or Google Play Store (for Android);
  • via an RSS feed which informs you whenever an avalanche bulletin is published.

Depending on the snow and avalanche situation, the regular publication of avalanche bulletins recommences in November/December.


In the course of the further development of the avalanche bulletin, we have reduced the range of print versions. The full avalanche bulletin and the regional danger maps continue to be available.


Further information

About the avalanche bulletin

Explanations, background info about the avalanche bulletin.


Interactive avalanche bulletin

Avalanche bulletin made for smartphone or computer display.

White Risk

The SLF free avalanche app. Avalanche bulletin, snow information and more for mobile devices.