Forest resources dynamic monitoring and forest volume estimation using LiDAR remote sensing technologies

Gestione del progetto

Zuyuan Wang


Christian Ginzler

Personale del progetto

Daniel Stefan Kükenbrink
Mauro Marty

Durata del progetto

2022 - 2023

The joint project between Switzerland, Laos, Malaysia and China aims to research and develop the key technologies for forest resources dynamic monitoring and forest volume estimation based on ALS and other related remote sensing technologies. The joint research with Switzerland includes multi-stage forest volume estimation and dynamic monitoring techniques for temperate forest. The mainly cooperation includes: 1) compilation and analysis of existing field data and auxiliary data like ALS of 100 forest sample plots. 2) UAV - based Lidar and TLS data acquisition of 50 forest sample plots. 3) ALS based forest biomass estimation for around 800 km2 demonstration area. The joint research with Laos mainly focuses on degraded tropical rainforests, with Malaysia focuses on primary tropical rainforest and with China focuses mainly on planted forest.