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23. Januar 2018 23 Januar 2018

The topic of "snow and microwaves" had become a sustained side activity in our group in recent years. This originated from digging snowpits in...

06. Februar 2018 06 Februar 2018

With the aim of stimulating future research on disturbances in a changing world I here discuss five current research frontiers of forest disturbance...

06. Februar 2018 06 Februar 2018

Am kommenden 26./27. Januar sind es fünfzig Jahre her seit den verheerenden Lawinenniedergängen von 1968 in Davos. Damals starben im Siedlungsgebiet...

11. bis 17. Februar 2018 11 bis 17 Februar 2018

The 4th Snow Science Winter School will teach these advanced techniques, as micro-tomography, measurement of specific surface area by reflection and...

08. März 2018 08 März 2018

In my presentation, I will review major patterns of divergence in contemporary oak populations that resulted from evolutionary trajectories during the...

22. Mai 2018 22 Mai 2018

The Economics of Climate Adaptation (ECA) methodology provides decision makers with a fact base to answer these questions in a systematic way.

15. bis 26. Juni 2018 15 bis 26 Juni 2018

POLAR2018 is a joint event from the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research SCAR and the International Arctic Science Committee IASC.

19. Juni 2018 19 Juni 2018

This talk will first explore the past 3 years of humanitarian early action based on uncertain forecasts. Second, I will present ideas on early action...

19. bis 20. September 2018 19 bis 20 September 2018

Die Veranstaltung fördert den Austausch unter den jungen Forscherinnen und Forschern in Graubünden und aus der Umgebung.

11. bis 15. Februar 2019 11 bis 15 Februar 2019

International Advanced Training Course on "Snow and Avalanches" 2019