Research Interests

  • Evaluation of historical and current landscape patterns and processes.

  • GIS-based landscape models to simulate possible future landscape development and associated landscape services.

  • Interactions between landscape change and ecological as well as socio-economic attributes.

  • Development of indicators for landscape monitoring.

  • Place attachment in migrating communities.


Venia legendi

University of Bern / ETH Zurich

1996 / 2005


University of Zurich


Scientific Career

Titular Professor for Landscape Ecology ETH Zürich

2007 - 2023

Senior Scientist Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL

2006 - 2023

Head of research group „Landscape modeling“at the Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL

2006 - 2010

Section head “Landscape dynamics and spatial development” at the Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL, deputy division head

1998 - 2006

Head of research group „Landscape development“ at the Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL

1988 - 1998

Postdoctoral fellow Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Dept. of Soil Physics


Postdoctoral fellow & consultant at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA

1985 - 1987


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