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Caution – Avalanches!

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WSL institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF; Swiss Alpine Club (SAC); Federal Office of Sports, Magglingen (BASPO); Association of Swiss Mountain Guides (ASMG) et al., 2018: Caution – Avalanches!.


The seventh new edition of the leaflet «Caution – Avalanches!» contains the latest avalanche knowledge compactly on a single sheet and is based on the latest state of research and practice. With this leaflet, the Swiss «Core Training Team Avalanche Prevention Snow Sports» KAT is pursuing two main objectives: On the one hand, it serves as a basis for training in the field of avalanches, from route planning to behaviour after an avalanche. On the other hand, it provides a guideline for assessing the avalanche danger and making decisions – be it when choosing a tour, in the field or on an individual slope – taking into account the factors terrain, conditions and people.

The leaflet is aimed primarily at avalanche instructors, as well as at tourers and freeriders who already have basic knowledge of avalanche awareness. The handy format, the concentrated information and the attractive design are intended to encourage people to refresh what they have learned – at home or on the road. On the other hand it serves as an education tool.

Stephan Harvey from the WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF: «The leaflet is an ideal cheat sheet for when you are out and about! It should be noted that the leaflet is not self-explanatory, but requires a certain amount of knowledge. The content should therefore be learned in an avalanche course and combined with other teaching aids if possible». The leaflet is compatible with current specialist literature, such as the books «Lawinenkunde» and «Bergsport Winter», and can be studied in greater depth on all topics with

This publication is also available in German, French and Italian.