Consecutive drought-flood events in a warming world

Gestion de projet

Manuela Brunner


Raul Wood

Collaborateurs du projet

Eduardo Munoz-Castro, Bailey Joella Anderson


Durée du projet

2023 - 2027


The impacts of extreme events can be particularly severe if they occur in close succession, e.g. when droughts are abruptly terminated by floods. A key unresolved problem with respect to consecutive drought-flood events is to quantify the probability of rapid drought-flood transitions in a changing climate, in which both droughts and floods might become more frequent. Therefore, this project aims to enhance our understanding of rapid drought-flood transitions in a warming world. More specifically, it aims to (1) describe the probability and hydro-meteorological drivers of rapid consecutive drought-flood events in different regions of the world; (2) quantify the impact of climate change on consecutive drought-flood events in Europe; and (3) develop sustainable adaptation strategies to alleviate the negative effects of rapid drought-flood transitions.