Systemic solutions for upscaling of urgent ecosystem restoration for forest-related biodiversity and ecosystem services

Gestion de projet

Marcel Hunziker


Nicole Bauer

Collaborateurs du projet

Moses Kazungu

SUPERB is a Projekt proposal regarding the Green Deal Call Area 7: LC-GD-7-1-2020 (innovation action): Restoring biodiversity and ecosystem services. SUPERB compiles, and brings to large-scale application, existing practical and scientific knowledge on successful forest and forest landscape restoration. We demonstrate best-practice restoration in 12 large-scale demonstrators across Europe in response to key restoration challenges. We enable the further upscaling and transformative change through innovative stakeholder involvement, amongst others aiming at a change of perception, exploring innovative funding options, and the provision of easily applicable and comprehensible tools and materials that enable restoration. WSL will lead WP5 "Governance and Society" and thereby conduct itself the work to achieve Task 5.3 "Monitoring societal demands and upscaling tool".