Predicting floods and droughts under global change

Gestion de projet

Manuela Brunner


Gregor Joren Janzing

Collaborateurs du projet

Gregor Joren Janzing

Durée du projet

2022 - 2026


This project aims to enhance our understanding and modeling capability of regional hydrologic extremes in a global change context. More specifically, it aims to (1) quantify the impacts of climate change and flow regulation on hydrologic extremes; (2) develop modeling approaches for simulating regional hydrologic extremes in a human-modified environment and for catchments without streamflow observations; and (3) determine the susceptibility of regions to regional drought and flood events under global change. These main aims are addressed by focusing on the headwater regions of the four major rivers originating in the Central Alps, namely, the Rhine, Rhone, Danube, and Po, which provide essential water resources to dependent downstream regions and are deemed particularly prone to climate change.