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Know, protect and promote habitat trees

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WSL: fact sheet 64
12 pages

Bütler, R.; Lachat, T.; Krumm, F.; Kraus, D.; Larrieu, L., 2021: Know, protect and promote habitat trees. WSL: fact sheet, 64. 12 p.


Brief summary

Biodiversity is of great importance for the functioning of the forest ecosystem. Habitat trees are a key component of forest biodiversity. Experts from Europe have developed a typology of tree-related microhabitats, small life-sites borne by some trees, which are indispensable for thousands of specialised organisms. This Fact Sheet is the basis for a standardised inventory method for TreMs and habitat trees, which is applicable in all temperate and Mediterranean European forests.


A supplementary field guide describes 47 different tree-related microhabitats, according to Larrieu et al. (2018), and classifies them into 15 groups and seven types. The guide also indicates recommended minimum inventorying sizes for each TreM and gives information about its frequency of occurrence and its replacement rate in the stand.


The uniform use of the forms, groups and types of these tree-related microhabitats facilitates the implementation of recommendations in forestry practice. In addition, these standardised data can be used for monitoring forest biodiversity or for evaluating the success of measures to promote biodiversity in forests.


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