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Dr. Joel Caduff-Fiddes



collaborateur scientifique


Institut fédéral pour l'étude de la neige et des avalanches SLF
Flüelastrasse 11
7260 Davos Dorf


Davos Da C 1 48


I am a geoscientist based at the WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF in Davos with also over 10 years of experience working with international organizations, multilateral donors and UN bodies as a consultant. My main research interest is on high mountain processes related to natural hazards and water resources. I use and develop geoscientific models and other datascience tools in combination with field campaigns to understand these processes and aid the development of operational tools.

I am currently working in Tajikistan together with the Tajik Hydromet, Ministry of Energy and Water on high mountain issues and have recently (2019) established a Permafrost measurement network in the Zerafshan range together with Tajik partners. I also work with the WMO Global Cryosphere Watch as an expert on operational data exchange.