Process modelling of wood anatomical dimensions for improved intra- and inter-annual hydroclimate reconstructions


Jesper Björklund


Georg von Arx


Kristina Seftigen

The extreme European summer droughts of 2003 and 2018 highlight the need for a better understanding of the frequency, severity and seasonality of such events. PROHYDRO aims to explore the potential to improve reconstructions of inter- and intra-seasonal droughts and hydroclimate by implementing/designing a QWA-module for the tree-growth process-based Vaganov-Shashkin model. The module will simulate intra- and inter-annual wood cell dimensions using daily meteorological and environmental data, and will be calibrated with a highly drought-sensitive wood anatomical dataset (Gotland, Sweden), which is exclusively available to the project team through previous ROXAS analyses. The sample material has already shown potential through the large variability and strong inter-tree correlation of anatomical features (Fig). If successful, the module will be run in reverse mode to reconstruct intra-seasonal hydroclimate before meteorological measurements were recorded.