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Objectives of the population in regard to river restorations


This dissertation is part of the interdisciplinary Rhone-Thur project that aims to investigate questions in the natural and social sciences arising in relation to river restorations in Switzerland. The main tasks for the subproject "Objectives of the population"(SP 3-II) are:

  • to understand the meaning of the river space for the local public as and organised stakeholders
  • to grasp the attitudes and demands of the local and Swiss population in regard to river restoration projects
  • to grasp the demands of the public regarding their participation in restoration projects
  • to show possible ways towards socially sound river restorations

River restoration projects affect the local as well as the overall Swiss public. Therefore, these questions need to be analysed on these different scales. Two local case studies (at the rivers Thur and Flaz) where qualitative as well as quantitative methods are used serve as basis for the design of a Swiss-wide survey. One main goal of this study is the development of a manual that shows how a socially sound restoration process could look like.


Project leader: Dr. Matthias Buchecker
Project realisation: Berit Junker (Dissertation)
Mentors of PhD thesis: Prof. Dr. U. Müller-Böker
Coordination Modul II Rhone-Thur Project: PD Dr. Felix Kienast