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Consequences of the storm "Lothar": views of different interest groups


The storm Lothar has had consequences for totally different groups interested in the forest. These are not only groups economically linked with the forest, but also groups, which use the forest in their leisure time.

In this project representatives of different interest groups are interviewed (qualitative interviews). The interviews are analysed by using Grounded Theory.

Research questions

  • Which consequences has Lothar for the different interest groups?
  • Which ideas have the different interest groups with regarding the handling of the storms consequences?
  • Are there conflicts (manifest or latent) between these interest groups?

The aim of the investigation is on the one hand to formulate conflict solutions, on the other hand to generalise the knowledge, which bases on the storm Lothar in order to apply it on future storm occurrences.

This project is part of the overall project "The perception of natural hazards and specifically the storm Lothar by the society"


    • Dr. Anita Schenk (Realisation)
    • Stephan Wild (Project leader)