microC-flux: Short-term carbon fluxes within foliage tissues of drought-tolerant conifers

Project lead

Pierre Vollenweider


Arthur Gessler

Project staff

Arthur Gessler
Marco Lehmann
Matthias Saurer

This project will investigate the involvement of starch pools in the translocation of assimilates within pine foliage. The objectives include a) a new methodology; b) elucidation of short-term C-dynamics within pine foliage; and c) Modelling of the radial transports of water and sugars within pine needles. Therefore, within-needle C-fluxes will be analysed by means of nanoSIMS imaging, in the framework of pulse-chase experiments performed on pine saplings of 2 species. The diel C-assimilate-fluxes will be analysed, combining a) nanoSIMS imaging of 13C incorporated into needle starch pools, b) compound-specific C isotope analysis and c) tissue-level quantification of starch pools. In parallel, the radial transport of water and assimilates in needles will be analysed by means of a novel open-source model. Hence, a technological frontier in stable isotopes research will be pushed to unprecedented levels and the results will shed light on water and assimilate transport within foliage.

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