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In its avalanche bulletins, the SLF provides information about the current avalanche situation. The content of the avalanche bulletin is designed as an informed warning. It is published twice daily in winter and primarily contains a forecast of the avalanche dangers in the Swiss Alps, Liechtenstein and, when there is sufficient snow cover, the Jura as well. In winter, it consists of a zoomable hazard map, including a hazard description and a section headed "Snowpack and weather".

The avalanche bulletin is aimed at all those who are exposed to potential avalanche danger in the mountains in winter, whether in a professional or recreational capacity, and those who are responsible for the safety of others. It is published by the SLF's avalanche warning service.

Current avalanche bulletin

The current avalanche bulletin is available free of charge on the following platforms:

Past avalanche bulletins

Avalanche bulletins from previous periods are available in our archive.