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With a view to producing the avalanche bulletin and also for climatological and hydrological purposes, the SLF operates an extensive network of automated measuring stations and observer stations providing data on snow, wind and temperature. The automated stations deliver data all year round. These measured values are neither verified nor corrected:
Current measurement data from IMIS stations
The SLF observers measure the following parameters at their stations once a day from November to April:
Current measurement data from observers

These values are monitored by SLF specialists and corrected if necessary.

The measurements collected from all our networks are available as either raw data or evaluated (aggregate) data for one day, one month or an entire winter (hydrological year from 1 October to 30 September). We offer ready-made graphical products based on the data collected by our observer network:

Winter plot (specimen)
Gumbel plot (specimen), to be used with Swiss standard SIA 261

Please also see our "Snow maps" product

Ordering data

Data requests must be submitted by email to data(at) with the following information:

  •   Purpose of data use
  •   Billing address
  •   Type of data (raw data, evaluations) or graphical product
  •   Measuring stations (or boundaries of region(s)) for which data are required
  •   Measuring periods and measuring interval (temporal resolution)
  •   Desired measurement parameters


The data are normally sent by email. Graphical products are sent as PDF files and data are delivered in CSV files.


The SLF charges for the provision of its data. Fees and quotes are available on request.

Terms and conditions

The contractual terms and conditions can be downloaded here.


For users in the field of teaching and research free access is offered to archive data of MeteoSwiss ground level monitoring networks. The SLF measuring stations, which are listed in this network, are identified b the prefix "SLF" in their short name.

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