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Expert opinions on avalanche protection

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The SLF disseminates its technical know-how and expertise in the form of expert opinions and advice for public bodies such as civil engineering offices and local authorities, as well as private organisations including engineering companies and railway and cableway operators, both in Switzerland and abroad. With our experienced team of experts, we can deliver end-to-end solutions to complex avalanche- and snow-related problems of all kinds. The SLF has access to state-of-the-art simulation models and the latest scientific knowledge. Our activities focus on the following areas:

  • Advice on the design of protection measures such as supporting structures in starting zones, deflecting and catching dams, snow sheds, direct-protection structures (e.g. splitting wedges), supporting structures against snow gliding, and snow fences to control wind-transported snow
  • Risk evaluation for highways and settlements including cost-efficiency analysis for various combinations of protection measures
  • Avalanche hazard maps: consulting, quality management, expert advice for courts
  • Temporary preventive measures ranging from artificial avalanche release by explosives to comprehensive safety concepts
  • Avalanche dynamics calculations: dense flow avalanches, powder avalanches, ice avalanches
  • Calculation of snow and avalanche impact on structures: forces due to gliding and creeping snow, snow loads on roofs, ice loads
  • Snow and ice problems on large structures (architecture projects)
  • Type testing of supporting structures and anchor grout
  • Avalanche accident and damage analyses


Our charges are based on costs incurred. We would be happy to provide you with a cost estimate. 

Contact and orders

For more information and order-related inquiries, please contact Stefan Margreth by email margreth(at)slfto make life hard for spam or telephone: 00 41 (0)81 417 02 54.