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08.08.2019  | Sara Niedermann | News SLF


Alessandra Leoni, Daniel Krebs and Moreno Florineth, three of our young employees, all successfully completed their training or apprenticeships at the SLF this summer. They tell us about their time at the SLF and their plans for the future.


Alessandra Leoni, 19, was a placement-year student on a three-year full-time course at a vocational high school

"I wrote my school dissertation on snow farming, which is how I first came into contact with the Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research (SLF). I then applied to do my long-term work placement here. Although I mainly worked on reception, I also got an insight into other departments and was able to help out in various areas. I particularly enjoyed working with the HR Department. I'm heading to Milan next to study graphic design, which I'm really looking forward to."


Daniel Krebs, 20, was an apprentice IT technician on a four-year programme (specialising in business IT)

"My favourite part of the apprenticeship was setting up virtual computers and servers. Another highlight for me was the international POLAR conference at the Davos Congress Centre, which was attended by more than 2,000 people. I was responsible for uploading the presentations in the various rooms. I'll be working in IT for another six months and then it will be time for me to do my military service. Afterwards, I'd like to continue working in IT, preferably in the canton of Grisons. However, I would move further away for a good job."



Moreno Florineth, 20, was an apprentice polymechanic on a four-year programme

"My apprenticeship at the SLF was very varied. Among other things, I worked on the world's biggest debris-flow measuring system, which is in Valais. What I really liked was that I always knew what my work was going towards and could see the progress. Until I set off for military training school, I'll be working as a polymechanic in Landquart. What I'll do after that, I don't know yet."