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Basics avalanche prevention

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For all those engaging in activities off piste, avalanche danger is a constant companion. Preventive measures are therefore necessary in order to reduce the avalanche risk. Our avalanche prevention platform White Risk offers numerous explanations and films on this subject.


The module White Risk EXPLORE can be used both for individual learning purposes and as a reference work on avalanche science. A collection of texts, charts, animations and films help winter sport participants to understand avalanches and to learn how to reduce risk by behaving appropriately. The White Risk content is easily understood by both beginners and advanced learners.


White Risk LEARN

The e-learning lessons provided by White Risk are an ideal and entertaining way of acquiring, rehearsing and consolidating basic avalanche knowledge. At the end of each lesson, the user can examine his or her newly acquired knowledge in a test. The six lessons give users a good grounding in the principle aspects of avalanche prevention.

  • Avalanche danger ratings and warning signs (free)
  • Slab avalanches and other types of avalanches
  • Slope incline
  • Graphical reduction method
  • Trip planning
  • Risk reduction

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