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Weekly and winter reports

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The weekly reports and winter reports are published in German and French. They review the weather, snowpack and avalanche danger, as well as selected accidents which have given rise to personal injury and property damage. Together they comprise a complete record of conditions throughout each hydrological year. The hydrological year runs from 1 October until 30 September.


Weekly reports

In wintertime the reports appear weekly, usually on Thursdays at 6 pm in German and on the following day at 6 pm in French. In summertime they appear monthly at the beginning of each month, providing a review of the past month. To select a report for a specific period, please go to the page German or French.

Winter reports

Given that the SLF has been issuing winter reports since the winter of 1936/37, a long-term and valuable series of documents is now available. They review the hydrological year, draw comparisons with long-term averages, and analyse exceptional winter occurrences in additional supplementary chapters. An initial provisional issue of the winter report appears around the end of April. Numerous updates are published thereafter. To select a report for a specific period, please go to the page German or French.


Further information

Submit observation

Have you witnessed an avalanche or taken a good picture? We like to publish topical photos in the weekly report as well.

Destructive avalanches and avalanche accidents

Recent and older avalanche accidents incl. statistical analysis.

Snow maps

How much fresh snow has fallen, and where? How deep and stable is the snowpack?