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In winter, the avalanche bulletin consists of an interactive map, including danger descriptions and a section headed "Snowpack and weather". In low season the avalanche bulletin appears in plain text format in the event of heavy snowfall.

Interactive avalanche bulletin

The internet and smartphone versions of the interactive avalanche bulletin consist of two parts:

Hazard map, including danger description:

The danger description is based directly on the zoomable hazard map. As users move their mouse over the hazard map, the individual regions are highlighted. Clicking the map opens a window containing the relevant danger description. During the winter, the hazard map and danger descriptions are updated twice a day, at 8 am and 5 pm.


Snowpack and weather

The description of the snowpack, weather and outlook for the following days is only updated in the evening.


Print versions of the avalanche bulletin

Two versions of the Avalanche Bulletin are available in .pdf format for printing:

  • Full avalanche bulletin: This has the same content as the interactive avalanche bulletin: hazard map, danger description for all regions, and the 'Snowpack and weather' section.
  • Regional hazard maps: Hazard map of a climate region with a description of the selected danger region. Ideal for display in freeriding regions. (Bernese and Fribourg Alps, central sector of the northern flank of the Alps, Lower Valais and Vaud Alps, Upper Valais, Northern and Central Grisons, Ticino und Moesano, Engadine and southern valleys, Jura)




Icons provide an initial overview of the avalanche danger.

Icon map

An icon map is a generic hazard map showing only the danger level. If separate hazard maps have been published for the morning and for the afternoon (double map), there will still only be one icon map, indicating the highest danger facing each danger region.

The icon maps can only be consulted in the archive.


Individual icons

The SLF makes icons with the current danger level available to various third parties. They are used, for example, on weather and tourism websites to provide quick information about the avalanche danger and a link to the avalanche bulletin. The following icons are used:


Bulletin in plain text format

From early summer until autumn, in case of heavy snowfall, an avalanche bulletin is published in plain text format. As at that time of the year there is a low volume of field data available, it is often impossible to give a danger level. Bulletins in plain text format are published in German at 5 pm, while the translations (French, Italian and English) are published by 6.30 pm at the latest.

Notifications of unscheduled avalanche bulletins can be provided by a push alert on the White Risk app.


Supporting products

In addition to the avalanche bulletin, the SLF publishes many supporting products such as snow maps and weekly and annual reports. Details of these can be found with the relevant products.