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Matthias Jaggi is relieved that a big storm doesn't brew and enjoys the crossing. He lands with a strange feeling (read in German).


Apply before February 25th, to participate in an arctic climate expedition next summer with four other young people.


The avalanche warning service has a wide range of data at its disposal, including measurements, observations, assessments and model results.


SLF employee Matthias Jaggi says goodbye to the research station Dome C. He flies to the Antactic coast and meets penguins.


SLF is supporting Swiss athletes and their support teams in Pyeongchang with exclusive snow and weather forecasts.


At the SLF, Top scientists and leading politicians discussed how science contributes to prosperity and a safe, secure society.


SLF employee Matthias Jaggi has a last intense bout of work, as winter is approaching and many researchers are already leaving the research station.



High avalanche danger will be encountered over a wide area


Very high avalanche danger will be encountered over a wide area


As a result of fresh snow and higher temperatures, very high avalanche danger over widespread areas


As a result of fresh snow and storm winds, very high avalanche danger widespread


A complete workout, a night shift and something sweet from the station’s kitchen: an overview of SLF employee Matthias Jaggi’s week (read in German).


Daily routine has arrived, but there are still some things that are quite extraordinary here. For example, the flight simulator that the European Space Agency ESA uses for tests.


In his new blog entry, Matthias Jaggi describes how he and his colleagues have celebrated Christmas and New Year at the Antarctic research station.


In the largest cold chamber on earth Matthias Jaggi starts his first snow profiles and sampling. (read in German)


Overview of the weather, snow cover, avalanche danger and selected avalanche accidents which caused damage to people or objects (in German).


After a long journey, Matthias has arrived at the antarctic station. He immediately started with his preparations - too eagerly, he soon realized.


In order to stay safe on the slopes and while freeriding, download the new SKUS leaflet partnered by the SLF (in German, French or Italian).


The latest issue of the WSL magazine DIAGONAL has been published. It focuses on the key theme "Landscape: Much more than just a backdrop".


Detailed description of the weather, snowpack and avalanche danger during the preceding hydrological year (October 2016 to September 2017).