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SLF researchers experience a lot in the course of the work they do in the office, lab and especially out in the field. In the 'Logbook' blog they will post sporadic reports on these experiences. These blog posts help to cast light on what research entails: creativity, passion, patience and massive effort. Blog posts reflect the personal opinions of their authors.


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Snow researcher Ruzica Dadic is spending a year as a fellow at the SLF. In this blog she charts the pitfalls faced by her and her family.


SLF researcher Alec van Herwijnen wants to find out whether an avalanche detection system tested in Switzerland also works in Iceland.


The Snow Hydrology Research Group wrapped up their field campaign and made a quintessential Finnish experience.


Leg 3 of MOSAiC takes 3 months longer than planned. The WSL remote sensing installation threatened by ice crack finally allows good data collection.


SLF researcher David Wagner reports on how the MOSAiC expedition team have found a suitable ice floe for their stay in the Arctic Ocean.


SLF researcher Yves Bühler is fascinated by New Zealand's natural environment – especially its spectacular avalanches. Read more in the blog.