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Winter sports lab

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In the winter sports lab, measurement instruments are developed and experiments conducted to investigate interactions between snow and other materials.



We have been steadily extending the winter sports lab ever since the research group ‘Snow sports & industrial projects’ was created at the end of the 1990s. In the lab we develop portable measuring instruments and test rigs that we use to characterise a variety of physical properties, such as those of the ski/binding system, or of the snow on ski slopes. We also perform experiments to investigate interactions between skis and the snow, based on an exact description of the individual components.
A key item of our lab equipment is the ice and snow tribometer, which we use to test sliding characteristics, typically those of ski bases or runners for sleds. We also work in the field with portable measuring instruments (such as a snow spike, which measures snow hardness) in order to determine the snow properties of ski runs. In the ski testing lab we test the mechanical attributes of skis and snowboards and their bases.