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These include (but are not limited to):

  1. Observing and modelling of snow and its changes at different scales: Snow microstructure; distribution and variability of snow cover, snow depth and SWE; Snow stratigraphy; modelling seasonal snow, including coupling of cryosphere models with regional climate models, and intercomparison of models; snow and climate – projections and forecasts of seasonal snow under a changing climate, role of meteorological extreme events
  2. Snow physics and chemistry: heat and mass transfer in snow, snow metamorphism; physical and mechanical properties of snow; snow chemistry
  3. Snow as a component of climate, including snow–atmosphere interactions and snow–ground interaction
  4. Remote sensing of seasonal snow and avalanches from local to global scale, applying platforms from ground-based to satellite, including snow on sea and lake ice, snow and avalanche mapping
  5. Snow in motion and snow engineering: snow avalanches – formation, including stability evaluation, avalanche forecasting and warning; snow avalanches – dynamics, including avalanche impact, mitigation and hazard mapping; snow tribology, including winter sports and mobility on snow; snow loads on structures
  6. Snow and biosphere,including snow-vegetation/forest interactions
  7. Snow hydrology, including snow distribution, snow melt and runoff