Abstract submission / Suggested topics

Abstract submission is closed now.

Accepted abstracts will be posted on this website. The Council of the IGS will publish a thematic issue of the Annals of Glaciology on topics consistent with the Symposium themes. Participants are encouraged to submit manuscripts for this Annals volume.

Suggested topics

These include (but are not limited to):

  1. Observing and modelling of snow and its changes at different scales: Snow microstructure; distribution and variability of snow cover, snow depth and SWE; Snow stratigraphy; modelling seasonal snow, including coupling of cryosphere models with regional climate models, and intercomparison of models; snow and climate – projections and forecasts of seasonal snow under a changing climate, role of meteorological extreme events
  2. Snow physics and chemistry: heat and mass transfer in snow, snow metamorphism; physical and mechanical properties of snow; snow chemistry
  3. Snow as a component of climate, including snow–atmosphere interactions and snow–ground interaction
  4. Remote sensing of seasonal snow and avalanches from local to global scale, applying platforms from ground-based to satellite, including snow on sea and lake ice, snow and avalanche mapping
  5. Snow in motion and snow engineering: snow avalanches – formation, including stability evaluation, avalanche forecasting and warning; snow avalanches – dynamics, including avalanche impact, mitigation and hazard mapping; snow tribology, including winter sports and mobility on snow; snow loads on structures
  6. Snow and biosphere,including snow-vegetation/forest interactions
  7. Snow hydrology, including snow distribution, snow melt and runoff