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Locations and test sites

SLF-Hauptsitz Davos Dorf

The building of the SLF Institute on Flüelastrasse in Davos Dorf has been its headquarters since 1996.

Weissfluhjoch Weissfluhjoch

The institute's former main building on the Weissfluhjoch remains at its disposal for research purposes. The test site below the building is the SLF's oldest and equipped with numerous measuring instruments.

Windkanal Wind tunnel

In the wind tunnel, research on flow over and wind forces on vegetation, soil- or snow surfaces is performed. A central topic is the sheltering effect of vegetation against soil erosion.

Sion Sion branch station
Since 1995, the SLF has maintained a branch station in Sion to provide a more immediate response to the issues affecting the canton of Valais.
Vallee_de_la_Sionne Vallée de la Sionne
At the test site in Valais, researchers conduct avalanche experiments in order to improve the understanding of avalanche dynamics.
Wannengrat Wannengrat
Since 2006, this test site has been investigating not only wind and snow transportation, but also addressing various aspects of alpine environmental and natural hazards research.
Stillberg Stillberg
Researchers at the Stillberg afforestation test site have been studying the interaction between snow, avalanches and trees near the alpine forest line for more than 30 years.
Versuchsfeld Laret Laret

Investigations being conducted at the test site in Laret are seeking to establish how much water is contained in snow, and how the climate and the snow are changing together.